DIY Hand Sanitizer to Combat COVID-19

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Hand sanitizers have been sold out everywhere because of COVID-19. So I ordered a few ingredients that are still available in markets, and I’d like to share with you on how we can make our own hand sanitizer. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the hand sanitizer needs to be at least 60% alcohol, in order for it to kill most germs. The ratio of our hand sanitizer is 3:1, so the isopropyl alcohol content is still 75%.

¾ cup (99%) isopropyl alcohol
¼ cup aloe vera
10 drops essential oil, lavender or tea tree

In a large bowl, add the 99% isopropyl or rubbing alcohol, aloe vera, and essential oil. Mix with a spoon until it becomes gel. Pour the gel into empty bottles. You can use store brought or anything that you have at home. Just remember to label it as hand sanitizer, so you don’t accidentally use it as something else.

When we use the hand sanitizer, make sure that we cover everywhere, and continue to rub for 60 seconds until your hands are dry.

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