Sesame Chicken: Better Than Takeout!

Get ready to make sesame chicken that tastes better than any takeout. I’ll walk you through every step and solve the common problems! You won’t believe how tasty it is!

DIY Perfect Chinese Dumplings at Home

I’d like to show you the secrets to making the most delicious Chinese dumplings at home. No one has ever told you these, and I will guide you through every

Achieve Silky Steamed Eggs Easily!

 Are you tired of your silky steamed eggs with shrimp turning out with a bunch of air pockets? Don’t worry! Today, I’ll share with you all my tips and

How to Make Spicy Wonton at Home

Learn how to make spicy wontons at home with this easy recipe. I’ll share with you this game-changing secret ingredient in spicy wonton. This spicy wonton is shockingly delicious! Spicy

DIY Shrimp Siu Mai at Home

 If you are looking to make the best Shrimp Siu Mai at home, you are at the right place! I’m here to guide you through the ultimate Shrimp Siu

Cheung Fun Dim Sum Recipe

There are many different ways to make Cheung Fun, and after testing a combination of ingredients. I found the perfect way! I’ll share with you all the tips and tricks.

Crispy Shrimp Dumplings with Rice Paper

Are you tired of your Crispy Shrimp Dumplings with Rice Paper turning out less than perfect? Don’t worry, I have got you covered. I will guide you through some common

Ultimate Char Siu Chicken Recipe

You won’t believe how tasty this is! Both of my daughters love this Char Siu Chicken so much. They said to me “This is absolutely the best of the best

Crispy Pork and Shrimp Potstickers

How do you make crispy pork and shrimp potstickers so it’s super juicy, succulent, and over-the-top tasty? Stay tuned for my mom’s secret cooking tricks that will make a huge

30 Minutes Soy Sauce Chicken Recipe

Craving for soy sauce chicken but short on time? Don’t worry! Try my secret recipe and make it in just 30 minutes! You won’t believe how easy and tasty this

Crispy Chicken Spring Rolls Recipe

I’ll show you how to solve the common problems when making crispy chicken spring rolls, so they won’t be soggy, greasy, and burst out open. Follow along and master the

Swiss Chard Shrimp Rolls

How do you make shrimp rolls, so it’s super tasty and low-carb? Check out my Swiss chard shrimp roll recipe! It’s healthy and super tasty! Let’s get started! Recipe Serving:

Crispy Shrimp with Parsley Recipe

How do you make a super airy and crispy batter? Stay tuned for a few secret ingredients that you mostly already have in your kitchen. Let’s get started with this

Vegetable Potstickers with Rice Paper

How do you pan-fry rice paper vegetable potstickers? So that they can be super crispy, brown easily, and the oil wouldn’t splatter everywhere. Stay tuned for some awesome cooking tricks,

Chinese Spinach Glass Noodles Salad

Did you know that Chinese people also eat many different types of salad or cold dishes? The words liángbàn (涼拌) translate to “cold mix” or salad. How do you make

Crispy Chili Beef Recipe

How do you cook chili beef, so it’s tender on the inside, and super crispy on the outside? And we are going to coat it with a glossy sweet chili

Sweet and Sour Tofu Recipe

The egg tofu is cut into rings, fried until crispy, and simmered in a glossy sweet and sour sauce. This is definitely a type of food that will make me

Chinese Chicken Breast Salad Recipe

How do you make a Chinese chicken breast salad? So the chicken breast is super tender and juicy? Stay tuned for a few simple cooking tricks that will make all

Shrimp Cheung Fun with Dumpling Wrappers

Recipe Bouncy shrimp is placed in dumpling wrappers and rolled into shrimp cheung fun. Then, they are steamed until translucent and mouthwatering. If you don’t have time to make the

Braised Egg Tofu and Mushrooms Clay Pot

The egg tofu is fried until crispy. Then it’s braised with mushrooms. I’d like to also share with you a cooking trick so the egg tofu won’t break apart easily.

Seafood Salad Recipe

This is my favorite way to make seafood salad. We have the bouncy shrimp, snappy squid, crunchy celery, juicy tomatoes. And, the dressing brings it all together! All you need

Crispy Salmon Spring Rolls with Dill

Salmon and dill are folded in spring roll wrappers and fry until super crispy. Let’s also pair them with a delicious sweet chili sauce. If you like salmon, and you

Chicken Potstickers with Asparagus

 A super tasty chicken filling and asparagus are wrapped in potstickers. Pan-fried until golden brown, and steamed until completely cooked through. If you like potstickers, this will be your

Teriyaki Chicken Breast Recipe

 How do you cook chicken breasts? So it’s super juicy, tender, quick, and easy. This will become your family’s new favorite recipe. All you need is 20 minutes! Let’s

Crispy Ingot Wonton Recipe

In Chinese culture, ingots symbolize good luck and good fortune. Today, we’ll fold the wontons into the ingot shape. Deep fry them until crispy and pair with a sweet and

Sweet and Sour Fish Recipe

The fish is lightly battered and deep-fried. Then, it’s coated with a sweet and sour sauce for a glossy grand finish. Chinese eat fish on Chinese New Year because it

Bok Choy with Chili Garlic Sauce

 The stems of the bok choy are sliced off, and they instantly become stunning green flowers. Then, they are blanched and topped with a super tasty chili garlic sauce.

Crispy Teriyaki Blooming Salmon Recipe

Today, we’ll slice the salmon fillets into a crisscross blooming shape, fry them until crispy, and pair them with a glossy teriyaki sauce. Let’s get started with Crispy Teriyaki Blooming

Chinese Turnip Cake Recipe (Radish Cake)

Chinese Turnip cake, also known as white radish cake, is a very popular dim sum dish. It’s usually made with rice flour, white radish, and a variety of fillings. It’s

Enoki Mushrooms Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Enoki mushrooms are stuffed inside mini sweet peppers. Then, they are pan-fried until aromatic and topped with a savory brown sauce. Let’s get started with Enoki Mushrooms Stuffed Sweet Peppers!


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