Behind The Scenes: Where Does a TV Producer “Shop” For a New Story?

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There are so many myths going around about this brand being “discovered” due to some luck or that product becoming superstar on a cooking show because the founder was “in the right place at the right time”. The truth is way more… boring, I’m afraid.


Why Are Some Food and Wellness Brands Discovered and Some Never Make a Splash?


Products and brands are discovered, because they have a) an amazing products/services, b) they do it so wholeheartedly that the captivating story of their passion writes itself, c) they’ve put in efforts consistently into their PR, on-line and off-line promotion, co-marketing partnerships, they showcase the product of their labor at consumer events and such, and thus gain industry experts’ attention.


I know. The above scenario doesn’t sound much like the I-woke-up-like-that fairy tale. I’m just brutally honest here.


The VIP Pass with CiCi Li


TV Success, True Story.


One of the most watched episodes of The VIP Pass with CiCi Li features several Connecticut-natives, including a scallop fisherman. Viewers loved the fisherman’s character, enjoyed the TV segment about him, his family, his sea-salty humor and genuine wit. When a partner-network executive watched the episode he called me to ask how did I find the guy? Well, you can say I just heard about him from a local chef. In reality though, I called up several establishments, including local pubs and asked everyone the same question: What do locals eat on special occasions? 98% replied that they go for scallops from the fisherman guy. He had been delivering the freshest, juiciest and sweetest scallops on the East coast for the past almost 40 years. His work ethic, making good on his promises, and striving to deliver the best in class got him a spot on national TV (free of charge of course, courtesy of CiCi’s Food Paradise).


Where to Next?


I’m constantly scouting, looking for the next wonderful thing worthy of viewers attention, and the incredible “character” behind it. 

My next “fishing” expedition will take me to Spring Studios, NYC where the third annual Foundermade Discovery Show will be held on Wed, June 26th. It will feature 200+ brands in the beauty, health, food and wellness sectors, including organic, Non-GMO, and clean food producers.





About FounderMade


Each year, FounderMade produces two Discovery Shows (East and West). The events connect innovative beauty, food and wellness brands with over 1,500 attendees each day, including retailers, distributors, and investors. The schedule includes all-day educational sessions, panel discussions, keynotes from Walmart, CVS Health, and more. Attendees will find themes from “Growing Global,” and “Creating a Sustainable Food Future“ to “The New Beauty Icons.”

This year, FounderMade will also introduce the Discovery Lounge, a breakfast cafe with Navitas Organics, a pop-up with Daiya Foods, and more. Adding to the excitement, exhibitors MALK, Nutrafol, Lifeway foods, Carter & Jane, Coffee Booster, The Laundress, Ocho Candy and many more will bring never-before-seen product launches to the show floor.


Register here.  Use code FOODPARADISETV for 20% OFF.

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