5 Recipes That Will Do Wonders For Your Skin This Summer

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It’s hot and humid outside, and our skin needs just a little extra attention and care. These five beauty recipes will do wonders for your skin, and will nourish you from inside out. All five are easy to make at home. Some of us will be able to see improved elasticity, increased glow and clearer skin withing first two weeks of introducing these beauty foods and drinks to our diets.


1. Pumpkin Rice Porridge to Prevent Stretch Marks 


This pumpkin rice porridge can help prevent stretch marks and also helps with digestion.

Pumpkin Porridge Recipe
Pumpkin Porridge Recipe


2. Five EPIC Infused Water Ideas to Boost Immune System & Hydration

Check out these great delicious infused water recipes that surely will come handy during hot summer months.

Infused Water
Infused Water


3. Korean Spicy Cucumber Kimchi Salad (Oi Muchim)

Kimchi is a great dish at any time of the year and especially so in a summer. It’s low in calories and high in nutrition. Kimchi aids digestion, and is unbelievably rich in vitamins (A, B2, B1, C to name a few) and minerals.

Korean Spicy Cucumber Kimchi Salad
Korean Spicy Cucumber Kimchi


4. Chinese Secret Anti-Aging Soup

This is a sweet soup that helps reduce acne, even out your skin tone, and has an anti-aging effect.


5. Get To Know Eight Main Chinese Beauty Foods
Beauty Foods
Chinese Beauty Foods


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