How to Make Zongzi 粽子 & Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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How to make zongzi? And today let’s celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with Felicia, Mia, and Jimmy from Off the Great Wall; Chris from China Uncencored; and Ben from Learn Chinese Now! Woohoo~ It’s a feast!


36 bamboo leaves
6 cups of sticky rice
36 red dates


Soak sticky rice in water over night. Soak bamboo leaves in water over night. Clean and cut the tips.


Take 2 bamboo leaves. Have the stems toward the left and the tip on the right. Fold it into a cone, having the stem on the bottom, and 1 inch beyond the tip. Add sticky rice, a couple of red dates, and more sticky rice. Then fold it up. And fold the sides, to form an edge, and with a pointy angle. Fold up the top part too, also form an edge and a pointy angle. Wrap it up with a string.


Boil them for 3 hours. Turn off the heat and soak in the water for another 1 hour.

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