How to Make Handmade Chinese Noodles?

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Today we are going to make delicious Chinese handmade noodles! The noodles are going to have this perfect bouncy Q texture. Let’s get started. 

Handmade Chinese Noodles Recipe

Serve: 2
Rest Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Prep Time: 45 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes

For the noodles:
1 1/2 cups all-purpose noodles (192 g)
1/2 cup water (119 ml)
1/3 teaspoon salt
A pinch of baking soda

For the scallion oil sauce: (The sauce is good for about 10 portions. I made more so I can save it up for later)
6 tablespoons extra light olive oil
1/4 onion, sliced thinly
2 stalks scallions, cut into 2 inches pieces
3 slices ginger
1 handful cilantro, cut into 2 inches pieces
1 cup soy sauce (237ml)
3 tablespoons sugar

2 stalks scallions, for garnish
2 tablespoons flour, for dusting
1 tablespoon cornstarch, for dusting


To make the noodles:

In a large mixing bowl, add the flour.

In another bowl, pour in the water, and add salt and baking soda (The baking soda is going to make the noodles super bouncy). Mix well. Pour it in the flour.

Mix with chopsticks until it becomes flaky. Then knead with your hand until it becomes a dough, 3 minutes. Wrap it in a plastic wrap. Rest 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, the dough should be softer, but still pretty tough. Knead for 3 more minutes. Wrap in the plastic wrap. Rest for 2 hours.

In the mean time, to make the sauce:

First, let’s prep the ingredients slice the onion and ginger. Chop cilantro (I grew this myself. On how to grow your cilantro, check out the link above.) Cut the scallions. Also minced some for garnish.

In a wok, over high heat, heat it until smoking hot. Turn to low heat. Add in the extra light olive oil Add in onion, scallions, ginger, cilantro, and cook until they are lightly brown, 10 minutes. (The sauce that I’m making today is for about 10 portions, so I can save it up for the future.) Take out the aromatic. Discard. Then add the soy sauce and sugar, bring to a boil, and cook for about 1 minute. Turn off the heat. Lastly, add in some chop scallions.

Continue with the dough:

Dust flour on your working surface.

First, pat the dough with your hands. Then roll the dough with a rolling pin into about 1/6 inch thick, and 18 inches in diameter. (You can also make it thicker if you plan to make thicker noodles.) (If you let the dough rest enough time, it should be a lot easier to roll.)

Dust cornstarch on both sides.

Fold the dough sheet. Cut it in halves. Thinly slice it. Unfold the noodles.

To cook the noodles:

In a large pot, bring water to a boil. Add in the noodles and cook until al dente, about 3 minutes.

Rinse the noodles with running water. Place it in a bowl.

Pour the sauce over the noodles. Serve!

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