The Coolest White Truffle Hunting in Alba, Italy with CiCi Li

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Truffle Hunting is a very exciting experience. A white truffle hunter is accompanied by….. a dog! In fact, white truffles only grow in the ground, so only a dog’s sense of smell and intuition could lead us to white truffles.


12 Dos and Don’ts in Piedmont Region in Italy





1. Bring European adaptor plug.

2. Wear comfortable shoes and stylist clothing.

3. Exchange dollars to euros.

4. Bring Amex or Capital One cards if you have because they don’t charge exchange rate.

5. Have breakfast in the hotel because most of them include breakfast.

6. Go to the top of National Cinema Museum and you will see the view of the entire Turin.

7. Check out the Piazza Castello, the heart of the city. Where Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Madama, the Royal Library and Armoury, the Teatro Regio and the church of San Lorenzo are located.

8. Drink a cup of Bicerin, a traditional hot drink from Turin. Made of espresso, chocolate, and milk.

9. Check out Fontanafredda, one of the most historical wine cellars in Alba.

10. Join a white truffle hunting tour in Alba. It’s one of the most exciting of experiences for truffle enthusiasts. A white truffle hunter is accompanied by a dog! It’s because white truffles grow in the ground, so only with a dog’s sense of smell and intuition could you find white truffles.

11. Visit the International Alba White Truffle Festival. They have been celebrating the harvest of white truffles since 1929 from every early October through mid-November.

12. Bring white truffles, hazelnuts, chocolates, and wines such as Barberesco and Barolo back as Souvenirs. If  you do bring white truffles back, just note that they only last for a week.



1. Don’t order Cappuccino after 11am because it’s only served in the morning.

2. Don’t order soda with your meals because people there only drink wine or water with their meals.

3. Don’t order Diet Coke because they only have Light Coke, and it’s a girly and childish drink.

4. Don’t order food to go unless it’s a pizza place.

5. Don’t eat a salad before the main course because, they consider it a side dish not an appetizer.

6. Don’t drive in Alba because they have super thin roads and mountain routes.

7. Don’t use their toilet papers too much because most of them are harder and rougher than what we have in the U.S.

8. Don’t go to the shops from 12:30pm to 4pm because they usually take 3 to 4 hours for lunch break.

9. Don’t go to the bank in the afternoon because they open in the morning, close. And are open for an hour in the afternoon.

10. Don’t give money to the beggars because then they won’t leave you alone.

11. Don’t wear a tank top and shorts to a Church.

12. Tipping is not required. Tipping people you know personally there is considered offensive.


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2 thoughts on “The Coolest White Truffle Hunting in Alba, Italy with CiCi Li”

  1. It is always wonderful to hear from a real person the do’s and don’t’s of travel. Tourist or travel websites always give the main tourist attractions but leave out the tips that ordinary people need most to fully enjoy a visit to a foreign country!

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