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How to Season a Chinese Wok

Dishwasher detergent
1 steel scrub
1 soft scrub
1/3 cup high smoking point oil, plus 2 tablespoons
6 ounces pork belly (0r replace with scallions and ginger)
1 pair tongs
1 piece paper towel


  1. This is a brand new carbon steel flat bottom wok. First, thoroughly clean the wok with dishwasher detergent, a steel scrubber, and warm water. (Any new wok, including both carbon steel and lightweight cast iron, contain a protective layer on top, and it needs to be completely removed before use.) 
  2. After dying the wok, place the wok over high heat, heat it up until smoking, and turns color, about 10 minutes. Move the wok from one side to another so that the heat distributes evenly. Then off the heat.
  3. Carefully pour in 1/4 cup of high-smoking point oil. Use a pair of tongs to wipe the pork belly all over the wok. Turn to low heat, and continue to wipe. Turn off the heat when the wok starts to smoke, and continue to wipe. Repeat the process for about 30 minutes. (By doing so, we are seasoning and cleaning the wok at the same time, so the pork belly is like a cleaning scrub.)
  4. After 30 minutes, turn off the heat. Remove the pork belly and oil from the wok. (The pork isn’t eatable)
  5. Rinse the wok with some warm water and a soft sponge, no dishwasher detergent is needed.
  6. Place the wok over high heat, and heat it until smoking. Turn off the heat.
  7. Dip a paper towel in high-smoking point oil. And wipe it all over the wok, including the bottom of the wok.
  8. Your wok is ready! Enjoy!

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