How to Regrow Romaine Lettuce from Scrapes?

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Regrow in Water

To prepare, first, cut the lettuce 2 inches above its end. You can use the lettuce directly or put it back in the fridge. Then, in a cup, add about 1 inch level of water. Place the end of the lettuce in the cup.

Put the lettuce by the window, where it will receive direct sunlight. Change the water every 1 to 2 days. I personally change it every day. Lettuce grows best between 45 to 75 degrees F (7 – 24 degrees C)

Watch it grow in water from day 1 to day 12. You can eat the lettuce directly after 12 to 14 days. They won’t grow any bigger in water.

Transplant in Soil

But since we just built this beautiful vegetable bed. I decided to transplant it in the soil after day 9.

The soil that we use is 60% topsoil, 40% compost, and with some mulch on top to retain water.

Plant the lettuce, so they are about 6-10 inches apart.

Water it daily, either morning or night. Since I still have some water in the cup. I’m just going to use this for now. I’ll water it a little more later.

Watch your lettuce grows every day.

Harvest the lettuce once it reaches about 8 inches. If you wait for too long, then eventually flowers will come out, and the leaves will turn bitter. You could take the seed from the flowers and grow lettuce from it again.

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