CiCi’s Toronto Canada Trip

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Now besides this joy for life, I have a few exiting places in mind for us to visit: A particularly “chic” fashion brand that recycles fur for snowboarder’s accessories, and another Canadian fashion designer, Marie St Pierre. But not only!  And my visit coincides with one of the many big events held in toronto: The Formula 1 Grand Prix!

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  1. Robert March says

    First off, anything with the words “be happy” immediately gets top billing on my card.. And CiCi-Licious make’s it, girl.. important to have someone to coax you on the proper activities in creating yourself.. Life is always difficult and challenging and it is important to have support to keep yourself “in line” while trekking through life.. Especially with all the “boomers” now beginning to retire, I believe you will have a very successful career!! Good timing.. Best of luck and always remain as you claim, “Be Happy..” People tend to forget that last part.. Gooday, Robert

  2. Gary Brown says

    I love your smile and videos. I hope that we can travel all over the world together. Thank you CiCi! Let’s keep in touch. Please come and visit me soon in Dubai. I’ll be sure to bring you everywhere. Love you my darling!

  3. Microminiskirt says


  4. Fgj says

    Great videos and info you always share CiCi. You are a star and angel! And I am a big fan. Lots of love, kindness, support, kisses, hugs, honor and respect.

  5. Giuseppe Giuseppe says

    Hi CiCi,

    Have u been to Milan before? Come to Milan asap so that I can take u around for the best restaurants and places… Kisses and hugs

  6. Nana Bonan says

    You are your best luck.
    You are the cause of all your lucks.
    You do not get luck by being unlucky.
    You must become a lucky person first, before you get luck.
    But not every person knows how to be a lucky person.
    Be good, and be lucky CiCi!

  7. Farooq Ahmad Chaudhary says

    CiCi, I really love your videos. I’m learning Chinese these days and watching your videos helping me a lot. You are so pretty and so cute. Watching you makes me so happy and refresh. Thank you!

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