Lady M’s Millie Crepe Cake: 20 Layers of Awesomeness

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What’s your favorite treat? It’s something unforgettable. Something that you just want to have another bite, close your eyes, and enjoy every seconds of the amazing tastes and textures. Whenever you have it, it always brings you joy and a smile on your face.

Luckily, for me there are many memorable bites, including the exquisite langoustine made by chef Eric Ripert of Le Bernadin, the super juicy Taiwanese sausage that I got on the street of Taipei, the instantly melt in your mouth kobe beefs from Momokawa, and of course, there is this…


The 24 layers of goodness at Lady M. Yes! You taste every layers of fun. It’s so luscious and creamy but yet so light and delicate. It’s so satisfying but yet not overly sweet. The caramelization on the top adds more flavors of perfection to the cake as a whole. If Millie Crepe is a person, I’d say, I’m falling in love!

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  1. Helen W says

    After saw your video of Lady M couple years ago, this has been my favorite cake shop in NYC! Love you CiCi!

  2. Claire says

    Thanks for the post and video! I’ve been ordering Lady M to SF couple times already! Love Lady M so much now. <3

  3. Johnny says

    I’ve tried everything single item in Lady M already. Thanks for introducing this place to me! I’d like to learn more of CiCi’s favorite destinations and spots. I’ll check out all of them!

  4. Xiao Ai says

    Did you see the Lady M pictures that I took? Thank you for introducing all these great places to us. You are truly an angel. Can’t wait to watching more videos.

  5. Sean T says

    CiCi, I just want to tell you that I love your shows and all your posts. Lady is the bomb! Thank you for letting me know about this place. I go there almost every week now cuz of you. Love you so much hun.

  6. Andy Lau says

    Seriously I’ll go anyway you go! CiCi rocks~~~ Woohoo~~~

  7. Clauber Homes says

    Hello Cici!!!

    I watch you every day.
    Was still in my bed and the first thing I did today was watch her ​​new video
    I woke up with cheer and courage, and went to work happy.
    I thank God that there is a wonderful woman, intelligent, beautiful and wise.
    Hard to find a woman like you is rare.
    The Woman of my dreams.

    Love you forever,

    Clauber Homes

  8. Chef Giovanni says

    Hi CiCi

    Where do you find all these incredible places? Keep up the amazing works!

    And show us more the world of good eats!

  9. manny says

    I want to married you

  10. manny says

    I wanna married you cici

  11. Chef Otis J Wagner says

    We love your creativity and style , you rock lady !!!!

  12. mealkusocial says

    Looks lovely! Is there a recipe for this somewhere?

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