How to Cook Italian Pappardelle Pasta Lamb Ragu at Zio NYC with CiCi Li

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 Zio Ristorante serves Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of New York City’s Flatiron District, delivering a lively atmosphere in a warm setting great for intimate, group and private dining. Zio will weave seasonal ingredients into inspired culinary combinations influenced by Mediterranean flavors. Entrepreneur Darren Berman, Chef Massimiliano (Max) Convertini, and Roberto Manfe unite their experiences in the hospitality business, bringing their passion for good company and great food to Zio. The restaurant’s large bay windows give passers-by a view into the kitchen where Max and his team exhibit their culinary talents. At “Tavolo di Max,” the chef will build a personal tasting menu based on the freshest local ingredients at hand. The interior setting serves as a backdrop for a convivial atmosphere and is enriched with an ambient glow

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