CiCi Li’s Chopsticks Only, Angelo Sosa VS Xu Min in Northeastern Chinese 只用筷子之東北菜

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t originated from the Jin Dynasty during the early 12th century. Due to the cold weather in the region, people are accustomed to eating very hot food, and so cooking techniques such as casserole, hot-pot, and roasting were developed. In the 1930’s, the last emperor Fuyi established his Manchurian Imperial court in Changchun and Changchun became a political center of the time. Other than the Imperial chefs from the Forbidden City in Peking, many famous chefs from Shandong went to work in the imperial kitchen. They combined the Shandong and imperial cuisines with the local Jilin folk cuisine and developed today’s Northeastern Chinese cuisine.


The main body of Northeastern cuisine is the local folk cuisine using casserole, stir-fry, qiang, and marinating techniques. It also includes traditional techniques used in the imperial court. Northeastern cuisine utilizes the native crops of its mountainous land to its advantage, and is famed for its wild game dishes. Knife skills, shovel skills, command of fire and fire temperature are important in its Chefs’ training. Cooking techniques make use of quick stir-fry over high heat, stir-fry over low heat, stewing, barbecuing, glazing and so on. Its dishes are tender but not rare, well-done but not tough. It is rich in flavors and its dishes are sumptuous and substantial.

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