The Best Food, Wine, and Travel at Alba in Italy with CiCi Li 【旅行天下】

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【旅行天下】CiCi Li 意大利阿爾巴尋寶之旅:CiCi 帶您尋找令世界為之瘋狂的珍寶。


It was my first trip to Italy… After not being able to sleep on the plane for 10 hours, we arrived in Italy with 6 hours of jetlag versus New York. For the first time: hearing people spoke Italian everywhere but not English; seeing Romanesque and Baroque styled building everywhere but not Skyscrapers; smelling super fresh air in the sky everywhere but not polluted air from yellow cabs.


They also say sì sì sì sì sì sì wherever I go, which sounds like I’m super popular there… CiCi CiCi CiCi! So I was no longer tired. I was so eager to discover every single detail of this region!

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