11 Things You Didn’t Know about CiCi

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CiCi’s life circumstances have taken her to all around the world, and she pushed herself to adjust and fit into every new environment. For CiCi, there is no better place to do that then around the dinning table. Because food truly has no boundaries. It unites people and makes them happy regardless of age, color, or religion.
1. At 5’3 now, CiCi was the tallest in her class in elementary school.  
2. In kindergarten, she thought of herself as more of a tomboy and had short hair. She would get into fights to protect her classmates from bullies.  
3. When she was little, CiCi thought she will pursue her singing career to become a superstar.  
4. If CiCi could be anyone in the world she would choose to be a really wealthy world traveler-missioner. She would go to all the countries that suffer poverty and would cook for kids tirelessly.  
5. If she could have a dinner with any person, life or dead, she would’ve joined Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty. China was at its most flourishing and most glories era during the Tang Dynasty. CiCi would’ve stayed there for a couple of years to learn some wise lesson or two from Taizong and she would’ve also learned the art of truly traditional Chinese cooking to share with us ater. Well, hopefully cook for us too!  
6. CiCi LOVES her kitchen knife!  
7. CiCi’s run all 12 miles of the Tough Mudder, said to be the toughest run on Earth, with military grade challenges.  
8. CiCi’s comfort food is a hot pot, even when she had her wisdom teeth removed and was supposed to eat cold food to sooth things down, she turned to a hot pot for a comfort.
9. She took on some dangerous stuff bravely: From sparing, well a friendly one with a Mixed Martial Arts champion Crazy Mike to bobsledding with Olympian champions on Olympic track. Did you know a bobsleigh sled’s speed may exceed 75 mph?  
10. CiCi hasn’t tried most of the African cuisines and it’s next on her must-try list. She likes experiencing cultures, go deeper and understand why they do things they way they do, like eating with fingers for example.  
11. CiCi wants to be a farmer. Yes. In order to understand better how fruits and veggy growth, what effects their taste and nutrition value, etc. No animal though will be raised on a farm as CiCi can’t imagine killing them, especially after feeding, cleaning, taking care of them. 
So basically that’s how things would play out: CiCi will learn how to cook from Tang Dynasty Imperial Court, come back, grow stuff on the all organic farm and then travel around the globe to cook and to bring some happiness to kids around the globe.
Would you join CiCi?

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