Can CiCi Cook? 10 Minutes Chinese Recipe: Steam Salmon with Minced Pork

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10 ounce of salmon, center cut
1 ounce of minced pork
3 table spoons of vegetable oil
4 table spoons of soy sauce
2 scallions, thinly sliced vertically into thin strips


Place the salmon on a plate and put aside. Then, boil water in a pan until fully boiled, put the whole plate in the pan, and make sure that the level of the water is lower than the plate, so the water won’t go in. After all, we want steamed fish, not boiled fish. Steam for about 5 minutes until the salmon is fully cooked.

Mean while, heat another pan until hot, add vegetable oil, minced pork, soy sauce, and lastly scallions in the pan. Let it cook for about 2 minute.

Carefully take out the plate and pour the sauce on it. Done! Easy right? If I can make it, I’m sure you can too! Let me know how this goes for you.

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