About CiCi

In Food Paradise, nothing is off limits, and happiness comes from great food



Hello! I’m CiCi Li. I’ve traveled all around the world! I’m a TV producer, a TV host, a writer, and a trainee chef. Below is a little bit of my life story:


I was born in Beijing, raised in Southeast Asia, and moved to New York City at the age of 12. I’ve been hosting and producing food and travel TV programs since 2009. The programs of Food Paradise include CiCiLicious, Chopsticks Only, Travel in the World, Smart Living, and CiCi’s Food Paradise.


My life circumstances have taken me to all around the world, and I pushed myself to adjust and fit into every new environment. For me, there is no better place to do that then around the dinning table. Because food truly has no boundaries. It unites people and makes them happy regardless of age, color, or religion.


I was thus brought up by the culinary world. I’m now a chef-in training and hopes that the best culinary traditions of the world as well as my passion for great food will bring people a sense of ease and happiness.


CiCi’s Food Paradise is on NTD Television every Monday at 9:30am. It brings viewers an in-depth look at unique Eastern and Western culinary cultures. Exploring hidden gems as well as highly rated restaurants, the show highlights amazing deals, and food festivals and restaurant openings in New York City.